Poorly Tearoom team

  • Every day from September 13, 2018 to September 16, 2018

sorry folks…Sometimes decisions are out of your hands… two staff poorly & one on holiday means we’re going to have to close this week 13th-16th September 2018… this wasn’t a decision we made lightly & we’re so sorry, but we can’t function at our usual standard & we most definitely can’t offer you lovely folks anything less than a good & memorable experience that we thrive to offer (& you enjoy & appreciate)… sometimes you have to listen to advice & take heed. We’re so sorry to let folks down but both the body & mind need to be healthy to continue working properly…(even if you’re self employed!) & sometimes they just take a little bit longer than expected. We’ll be back healthier & refreshed as soon as we can, pencil in next Thursday & we’ll keep you updated… sorry for any inconvenience caused #healthmatters #takecareofyourself #stayhealthy #getwellsoon #lovelycustomers #supportive